4M Partners is the training organization of Engineering Quality Solutions.

4M Partners teaches your employees to understand the material properties, forming technologies, and processes needed to produce consistently reliable components, reduce design, setup, and production costs, and satisfy your supply chain partners.

Our Metal Forming Fundamentals Series has short videos (each about 20 minutes) to give you the

They are perfect for employees beginning a new career or as a refresher for anyone!  Topics include:

We also offer training at your facility that can be customized to your specific needs. Topics we’ve done before include:

  • Tensile Properties of Sheet Metals
  • Using Conventional High Strength Steels and Advanced High Strength Steels in Your Stamping and Assembly Operations
  • Using Aluminum Alloys in Your Stamping and Assembly Operations
  • Using Stainless Steel in Your Stamping and Assembly Operations
  • Fundamentals of Press Hardening Steels and Hot Forming
  • Differences between steel and aluminum in the stamping and assembly plants
  • Formability Terminology, Background, and Theory
  • Forming Limit Curves – their creation and use
  • Fundamentals of Circle Grid Strain Analysis and Thinning Strain Analysis including Interpretation of Results
  • How to Read Mill Test Reports (also known as Mill Certs or Certified Test Reports)

If you need training to solve problems or improve your efficiency, we can help you plan a productive Professional Development program. You can contact us through the EQS website, or you can go directly to the 4M Partners site.

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