I’ve had the great honor of writing for MetalForming Magazine for just about a year. My first column was published in December 2017, and gave you insight on my perspective of the MetalForming industry:

With so many variables present in today’s forming system, the metalforming industry must move from trial-and-error to a science and engineering approach. Experience remains vital, but we must recognize when to incorporate new information into the problem-solving process. Sometimes new information isn’t necessary. We can benefit from looking at what we already have, just from a new perspective. For almost 20 years, Dr. Stuart Keeler has shared his knowledge and experience with the readers of MetalForming and the attendees of the Precision Metalforming Association’s conferences. He has helped the sheetmetal-forming industry move from knowing how a part is formed to understanding why the sheetmetal behaved in a predictable manner and how to use this knowledge to make a better product. With Dr. Keeler’s retirement, I’m attempting to follow in his path, and I can only hope to make a similar impact on our community. I look forward to sharing my perspective with you, and look forward to your comments, questions, critiques and criticisms.

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