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Knowledge Base
        Steel Information
        Intro to AHSS - Grades
          Intro to AHSS - Processing
          Do you know the difference between IF, EDDS, VDIF Steels?
          Do you know the difference between true and engineering stress?
          Do you know the causes of secondary work embrittlement?
        Stamping & Formability Information
          Stamping 101 - Material Selection
          Stu Keeler - The Science of Forming
          Tool & Die Authority Publication
          Do you know the importance of a crisp circle grid pattern?
          Do you know the 20% maximum thinning rule shouldn't be a rule?

        All Downloadable Articles
          Click Here for a Complete List

Metallurgical Services
          Holistic Cost Reduction Analysis
          Materials Selection and Optimization
          Metallurgical Processing Guidance
          Representations to OEMs
          Source Approvals
          Steel Cargo Damage
          Supplier Problem Resolution

Sheet Metal Forming Services
          Circle Grid Strain Analysis
          Tooling Buyoff and Launch Support
          Formability Analysis Training
          Forming Limit Curve Generation
          Forming Limit Diagram Generation
          Strain Analysis Reporting Program
          CAE / Computer Simulation

Press Releases
          Engineering Quality Solutions Releases Key Sheet Metal Formability Information
          Daniel Schaeffler Elected President of the North American Deep Drawing Research Group
          Engineering Quality Solutions Offers Free FLC0 Calculator for Steel Forming Limit Diagrams

December 2009

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