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Engineering Quality Solutions Success Stories

We have had the good fortune to assist on many projects.  Here are the highlights of just some of them:

Metal Formability

We’ve done hundreds of circle grid and thinning strain analyses to assist various OEMs and their Tier One/Tier Two suppliers with tooling buyoff projects.  Our largest vehicle program was about 100 hard tool buyoff strain analyses in Japan and a similar number for home line commissioning at in the USA.  (Our shortest one was 2 hours – we tackle big and small!).

Success StoriesWe were the sole independent company conducting strain analyses for the IMPACT/FABRICATE program between Ford and the American Iron & Steel Institute, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the United States Department of Defense and several universities. (Improved Materials and Powertrain Architectures for 21st Century Trucks / Forming and Bonding of Reduced Gauge Iron Carbon Alloys for Truck Engineering).

We’ve worked with a roof panel manufacturer to eliminate wrinkles, splits, paint scoring, and other quality defects.

Forming limit curves have been developed for numerous alloys of sheet zirconium, nickel, and stainless steel.

Cost Reduction

Metal stampers have used our sheet metal and formability expertise to improve their product and processing, resulting in cost savings, cycle time improvements, and other efficiencies.

Source Approvals

International steel companies have used EQS to do the testing and submit the technical qualification packages to automotive OEM’s as a precursor to signing product supply/purchase agreements.

Investor Relations

We’ve consulted with financial institutions and international conglomerates on the state of the steel industry. Professional Training.
Professional Training

International steel companies have contracted EQS to train their mill quality control operators and technical service engineers on steel formability and advanced high strength steel usage and applications.

Defect Analysis

Marine surveyors have used our expertise to determine the root cause of defects on the surface of coils and pipes.

Steel Cargo Damage

We’ve worked with international cargo insurance companies to determine if rust and other surface defects were initiated during ocean transport or prior to vessel loading or after cargo discharge.  (The policy covered only ocean transport damage.)

Steel coil and pipe importers have used us to assess fit-for-use of products affected by mill processing or international transportation.

Claims Resolution

EQS has resolved many sheet metal supplier / manufacturer claims (it’s the steel!  No, it’s the tooling!) by determining the root cause and showing corrective actions.

Failure Analysis

Forensic metallurgy done by Engineering Quality Solutions has been used by lawyers to assess the viability of their case, as well as to convince the other party to settle.  We’ve been asked to serve as an expert witness on these and other cases.