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Engineering Quality Solutions Press Releases

  January 29, 2010

  Engineering Quality Solutions Releases Key
Sheet Metal Formability Information

  May 30, 2009

  Daniel Schaeffler Elected President of the
North American Deep Drawing Research Group

  October 15, 2009

  Engineering Quality Solutions Offers Free FLC0 Calculator
for Steel Forming Limit Diagrams


Daniel Schaeffler, PhD, President and founder of
Engineering Quality Solutions, has over 20 years experience in steel, metallurgy, and sheet metal formability.  Dr. Schaeffler is a respected columnist, author, sought after speaker and consultant.  His company, Engineering Quality Solutions, is an internationally known corporation which provides materials and manufacturing companies with cost-effective solutions for all sheet metal forming challenges, helping to ensure a robust manufacturing process.  His clients include international manufacturing companies (automotive, appliance, and industrial), steel, and aluminum producers, their Tier One and Tier Two suppliers and service centers, and sheet metal stamping companies.  For more information, please call (248)539-0162, email or visit