Supplier Problem Resolution

Splits, wrinkles, high scrap rates? Let the experts at Engineering Quality Solutions identify the root cause solution for you.

Is it a manufacturing problem or a materials issue? The material supplier says it’s a manufacturing issue, and the part manufacturer claims it’s bad material. Engineering Quality Solutions can help resolve the dispute by being the Problem Resolution Arbitrator. When both parties agree to let Engineering Quality Solutions be the impartial source to find the root cause solution, finger pointing ends and both companies win.

Engineering Quality Solutions has the unique combination of experience in manufacturing, metal forming and materials to deliver answers for all of your problems.


Material Selection and Optimization

In today’s cost and quality competitive world, it is imperative to use the most cost effective materials solution for each application, realizing the different demands that are put on each part – considering formability, corrosion, durability, stiffness, and cost.  Our experts can help guide you to the optimal solution for your needs.


Source Approvals

Before materials producers get to sell their sheet metal to manufacturers, their product must meet engineering requirements that typical include tensile, welding, and painting characteristics.

Engineering Quality Solutions has worked with several off-shore international materials suppliers to help them gain engineering and technical approval from worldwide manufacturers.

We understand the base metal and coating testing requirements for the approval of a variety of materials and manufacturers, and have the experience and expertise to get the tests done.

Tailor Welded Blanks

Holistic Cost Reduction Analysis

The staff at Engineering Quality Solutions has extensive experience working on cost reduction projects. Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to offer services in:

  • B.I.W. (Body In White) vehicle teardowns
  • Closures
  • Sheet metal design
  • Material processing
  • LWB (Laser Welded Blanks)
  • Part consolidation
  • Scrap reduction
  • Improved cycle times
  • Material selection

Let Engineering Quality Solutions help your company find the cost reduction solutions needed to thrive in business today and for tomorrow.

Steel Consulting

Metallurgical Processing Guidance

Engineering Quality Solutions can offer guidance on steel mill metallurgical processing parameters, from the hot strip mill through all processes to coating and temper rolling. Our expertise covers all products from commercial steel to the advanced high strength steels, as well as electrical steels and tinplate.


Steel Cargo Damage Resolution

Does your steel cargo have rust or surface defects, but you are not sure if it is a transportation issue or a mill issue?

Let Engineering Quality Solutions do a root-cause analysis to figure out if your defect is from sea water or fresh water, or a defect that came from steel mill processing. We’ll use approaches like Optical Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy, X-Ray Crystallography, Optical Emission Spectrometry, and of course our experience from working in steel mills to help you assign responsibility for the claims.

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