Danny Schaeffler may be the current Science of Forming columnist, but Dr. Stuart Keeler was the founding columnist where he wrote nearly 200 articles. Engineering Quality Solutions is a proud sponsor of the Science of Forming Vol. 2, a CD-ROM containing many of the material-formability articles and tutorials by metalforming expert Stuart Keeler. Dr. Keeler is best known worldwide for his discovery of forming limit diagrams, development of circle grid analysis and implementation of other press shop analysis tools.

The Science of Forming Articles

Articles you will find on the CD include:

Virtual Sheetmetal Forming–An Overview
What is Science of Forming?
Help Your Sheetmetal Supplier Help You
Material Properties: Typical or Worst-Case
Learning About New Forming Technology
Statistical Deformation Control for Stamping Evaluation
Cups and Boxes are Different
Deformation Through a Draw Bead
Troubleshooting — Using an Extra Eye
Final-Die-Buyoff Procedures
Attacking Process Variation
How Important is Die Transition?
The Die Has a Fever?
A Tale of Three Press Shops
A Complaint Heard Too Often
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges Show Forming Severity
Why Certain Defects Occur

Troubleshooting — Lost in the Jungle?
Stamping Tears Can Confuse Troubleshooting
Forming Characteristics of Higher-Strength Steels
What is Dual-Phase Steel?
What Really is Grain Direction?
Springback Revisited
Maximum Forming Speeds?
Myth or Truth in Metalforming
Deform in One Direction or Two
How Much Does Metal Thin?
Forming Problems with Higher-Strength Steels
A Forming Limit for Thickness Strains
The New Dual-Phase Steel
The New TRIP Steel
Does Steel Get Brittle as It Gets Stronger?
What is the r Value?

To order the Science of Forming Vol. 2, email us at KeelerCD@EQSgroup.com