Thinning and Circle Grid (Surface) Strain Analyses are Engineering Quality tools that can help determine where trouble spots could develop during the production processing of your parts. The forming limit of a given steel is based on the thickness and the strain hardening exponent (n-value). The forming limit for other alloys must be determined experimentally. Knowing these parameters, and their minimum values likely to be encountered in production, it is possible to assess if the stamping process is inherently robust enough to withstand the normal variation in material properties.

Engineering Quality Solutions team members have been conducting circle grid analysis for over twenty years. Our experience enables us to not only perform at a high level, but also teach circle grid analysis to companies and individuals who are interested in understanding the strains produced during the forming process.

For detailed information on circle grid strain analysis and thickness strain analysis, please register with Engineering Quality Solutions to download our article reprinted from the ASM Handbook on Metalworking: Sheet Forming.