​Excited to report that Bill Frahm of 4M Partners made it on to the “Top 5 in 365” list of the five most-popular stamping related articles on www.thefabricator.com!

In the article, Statistics and Probability for Better Decisions in Manufacturing, Bill writes:

“If you manage the manufacture of high-volume products, you also generate large volumes of data. Buried in that data are pieces of information that can direct you to make better decisions and improve your manufacturing efficiency. The key to reading your data lies in the mathematics of statistics.”

Bill makes the analogy that baseball statistics like batting average against lefties in night games is simply measuring performance under a set of certain conditions. Collecting meaningful data in a stamping plant, like scrap rates as a function of tensile properties, tonnage, and lubricant, can be similarly enlightening and allow you to estimate your success under specific conditions. This will result in fewer expensive die tryouts and improve productivity. He concludes:

” There is no real magic to it. Statistical analysis can provide you with a greater level of awareness of your operations and anticipate events and performance for better results.”

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​-Danny Schaeffler, www.EQSgroup.com and www.Learning4M.com